“Think you're escaping and run into yourself.
Longest way round is the shortest way home.”  
—James Joyce

This is an anthology of the things I find beautiful, including poetry, final words, art, books and films. 


The Spaces Between Reality

This is that moment when your reality feels altered, and uncomfortably alien. Often you're alone, or away from the crowd, and sounds start to become heavier, or there are no sounds. All your surroundings are unnaturally still, or terrifyingly fast in comparison to your own stillness. You can observe the dust particles flicking through the air, or the echoing of bright lights. This feels like something out of a film, like you're being watched, or that this moment holds signifi

Colour to a Blind Person

Interesting thoughts for writing blind characters Describing colours to blind people or colour-blind people can be frustrating because visuals are our first sensory resort. However a li.st user Ashley writes that “I can see just fine now, but for a while in my childhood, after a period of nothing, all I had was light and dark". Her family attempted to describe the colours she couldn't see visually, through sensory stimuli, including: Red: They had me stand outside in the sun.



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