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Colour to a Blind Person

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Interesting thoughts for writing blind characters

Describing colours to blind people or colour-blind people can be frustrating because visuals are our first sensory resort. However a li.st user Ashley writes that “I can see just fine now, but for a while in my childhood, after a period of nothing, all I had was light and dark". Her family attempted to describe the colours she couldn't see visually, through sensory stimuli, including:


They had me stand outside in the sun. They told me that the heat I was feeling is red. They explained that red is the colour of a burn, from heat, embarrassment, or even anger.


They put my hands in their pool. They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue. Blue feels like relaxation.


I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favourite colour.


I think it would be so interesting to write from the perspective of a blind or partially-blind character, however its so important to present them accurately, and people like Elsa Sjunneson-Henry give really helpful advice: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2016/04/20/elsa-henry-so-you-wanna-write-a-blind-character/

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